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Nanjing gamla qi trading co., LTD is a new type of indoor high cubicle wall material production company,The main:Fire glass partition、Shutter partition、Fire partition wall、Activity partition manufacturer、The hotel activity partition、Aluminum alloy is cut off、The office glass is cut off、Glass partition manufacturer、Mobile screen、High partition、Hotel mobile partition、The finished shutter partition、Activity partition、Steel plate partition, etc,We learned at home and abroad the latest design concept,Combined with China's national conditions and development of a new generation of high partition wall products,In the layout、Color and surface texture, etc, always keep very fashion style of indoor。Easy to install,And easy disassembly,And reusable,In order to meet the demand of modern office environment。With melamine board、Gypsum board、Glass and other materials into the module block wall。Have fire prevention moistureproof、Sound insulation resistance to shock、Resistance to acid and alkali、Antistatic、No crack、No deformation、Increase or decrease in line is convenient wait for a variety of functions。...

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